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Tools and Information

Access reports, white papers, and other communication resources authored or co-authored by HealthForce NH.

Giving Care: A Strategic Plan to Expand and Support New Hampshire’s Healthcare Workforce

This 2022 report is the first time specific steps were documented to create a new central coordinating entity for health care workforce development in New Hampshire; now known as HealthForce NH.

Data Snapshots

Explore HealthForce NH’s library of information sheets, excerpts, and infographics. We created these snapshots using our data as well as data and information sourced through local and national organizations.

New Hampshire’s Post-COVID Healthcare Workforce Chasm

This overview from April 2023 used data provided by the Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau. It contrasts private sector employment growth with the healthcare sector’s workforce retraction. DOWNLOAD

Nurses Top the List of Healthcare Labor Shortage in NH

This overview from May 2023 used data provided by the Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau. In the hard hit nursing field, the decline is largely seen among registered nurses and nursing assistants. DOWNLOAD

Nurses in US Legislators Continue to Decline

Dig in to the decade long downward trend of nurses serving at both the state and federal level. This overview from May 2023 cites data from American Nurses Association, Darlene J. Curley EdD RN FAAN, Nurse Legislators 2023: Number & Trends. DOWNLOAD

Understanding Our Key Healthcare Workforce Challenges

In this excerpt from Giving Care: A Strategic Plan to Expand and Support New Hampshire’s Healthcare Workforce report. We take a look at eight key healthcare workforce challenges the plan’s action agendas aim to address. DOWNLOAD


This data section provides links to publicly available data on the health workforce in New Hampshire. Each data source provides a unique view of the health workforce status.

NH DHHS Health Professions Data Center

Surveys are conducted during health professional license renewal cycles (every 2 years) for every licensing board. Health professionals have the option to opt out of the survey. Response rates vary by health professional category from 53.7% to 97.8%. Data categories include practice status, demographics, location of education/training, sites and hours, location of practice within the state, wait times for patients, future expectations regarding retention.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the NH Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau’s Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics (OEWS) and NH Employment Projections by Industry and Occupation

Semi-annual mail and telephone survey with employers in the state. Employer list is provided by NH Employment Security. It covers all health worker classifications in NH: Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Occupations and Healthcare Support Occupations. It includes the estimated number of people by health worker category who are actively employed in the state, mean wage for the category, and a location quotient that estimates the concentration of the health category in the state compared to the nation.

Projections are made using the OEWS data and projection factors for the future 10-year period. It provides an estimate of the number of people employed in the state by health worker category, the number of job openings in the future period, and the number of exits, transfers, and total average annual openings.

Sector Partnerships Initiative Data Project

Sector Partnership Initiative (SPI) is in the process of conducting workforce surveys with residential care organizations throughout NH. Reports will be provided for each SPI region and then overall for the state. Data elements include vacancy rates by health category, barriers to filling positions, incentives being used to support hiring, and incentives being used to retain health workers. Demographic data and labor market information are included to provide the population context in each of the regions. A similar approach will also be used to assess training program capacity and offerings in each of the regions. At this point in time the Monadnock Region and the North Country Region reports are complete and links to these purports are provided below. As additional reports are completed, links to these reports will be added.

Monadnock Region Data Project Report July 2022

North Country Region Data Project Report August 2022

New Hampshire Hospital Association Vacancy and Turnover Report

The New Hampshire Hospital Association produces a survey-based vacancy and turnover report on hospitals in NH on a biannual basis. It covers 40 positions in hospitals and their associated medical practices which includes clinical, technical, and non-clinical positions. Specialty hospitals are not included.

PDF reports are available by request to the New Hampshire Hospital Association: Send email to:

Home Care, Hospice & Palliative Care Alliance of NH Workforce Survey

Home Care, Hospice, & Palliative Care Alliance of NH periodically produces a survey-based report on the status of the workforce. Twenty-three agencies were surveyed in 2022. It covers RNs, LPNs, LNAs, PCSPs, Homemakers, OTs, PTs, and STs. Data elements include vacancy rates, turnover rates, number of contracted travelers, number of agencies forced to decline services due to staffing availability, impact of COVID-19, recruitment and retention strategies, where employees go after separation.

Reports are available upon request: