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Healthforce NH

Do You Have an Innovative Idea?

Health care workforce needs are critical in New Hampshire and require new and innovative thinking to address recruitment, retention, and sustainability. The primary goal of the Innovation Challenge is to promote and support innovative ventures in the health care workforce space in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire partners have mobilized to launch bold, innovative projects to address the state’s need for a dedicated, robust healthcare workforce.

Dedicated advocates have launched over 50 initiatives to address the pressing healthcare workforce needs in their communities and throughout New Hampshire.

HealthForce NH works to raise awareness and create connections across these initiatives.

Below we highlight some exciting projects underway to grow, retain, and sustain a robust and diverse healthcare workforce.

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Discover a wide range of programs and resources. Whether you are an educator, policy maker, current healthcare worker or considering becoming a member of the healthcare workforce, opportunities are available across sectors to grow, retain and sustain our healthcare workforce.



NH Needs Caregivers

The purpose of this project is to increase the number of licensed LNAs by providing financial assistance in training programs. The Southern NH Area Health Education Center contracted with Lynn Carpenter from Navlyn Resources to implement the program.

Advanced Nursing Education Workforce (ANEW)

The goal of this project is to provide traineeship and tuition reimbursement funds for longitudinal, immersive clinical training experiences with rural and underserved populations for primary care student nurse practitioners.


This program works with employers to create paid health care workforce apprenticeships in NH. There is also a subsection of the program that focuses on connecting high school students with employers to build pre-apprenticeship programs.

Credentialing Support Partnership (CSP)

This project aims to increase the number of licensed LADCs and MLADCs throughout NH by offering candidates one-on-one support, skill building, mentoring and coaching to guide them through the licensure process.