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Healthforce NH

Do You Have an Innovative Idea?

Health care workforce needs are critical in New Hampshire and require new and innovative thinking to address recruitment, retention, and sustainability. The primary goal of the Innovation Challenge is to promote and support innovative ventures in the health care workforce space in New Hampshire.

There are dedicated advocates and organizations throughout New Hampshire hosting a wide range of programs and resources to help address health care workforce challenges in the state, as below. Our goal is to raise awareness for their valuable work. If you have an initiative you would like included, please send an email to


Statewide Oversight Commission on Mental Health Workforce Development

Point of Contact:

Nick Toumpas, Karitsa Consulting Services,

Lead Organization:

Office of the Governor


Description of Project:

This oversight commission was created to coordinate statewide mental health workforce initiatives and develop a statewide mental health workforce plan. It was created in 2019 by the Governor through executive order per the 10-year mental health plan. The Oversight Commission hears from stakeholders about challenges in the workforce, and a report goes to the Governor with recommendations. People are appointed to join the commission, so it is not open for public participation. Meetings are held monthly.