Designing the Future of Our Health Care Workforce

We are a collaborative of health care providers, practitioners, and educators banding together with state government and business leaders.

The health and wellness of Granite Staters rely on the contributions of the full spectrum of roles that make up our health care workforce.

Our mission is to promote innovative partnerships and cross-sector collaboration to grow, retain, and sustain a robust healthcare workforce.
This is our vision.
Granite Staters are cared for by a health care workforce that shares their culture and values. All potential workforce can access resources to pursue careers in health care.
Our health care workforce is valued and recognized. With high job satisfaction and quality of life, they are invested in contributing to quality care for all.
A resilient health care system is supported by dynamic cross-sector policies. These help to attract and retain workers and create healthy communities.
We honor every member of this critical workforce — providers, technicians, administrators, operations, and facility staff — and are dedicated to fulfilling the HealthForce NH mission on their behalf.
What’s at Stake
Health care is the fastest growing employment sector, projected to add almost 10,000 jobs to the economy by 2030. However, New Hampshire’s health care workforce is not poised to grow enough to fill these jobs, with employers already contracting short-term workers to fill the current need. HealthForce NH is mobilized to take action now and partner to ensure that NH is prepared to fill the growing needs of its population by growing, retaining, and sustaining its health care workforce.